Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birds of a Feather...[Shop Feature + Discount Code]

So, I've been eying the new trend of feather hair extensions for about a month now. I think they look so wonderful, especially in natural colors.  I've seen a lot of people wearing them, but I've heard from the people that I've talked to that salons like to charge $12-$20 per feather to put them in your hair. (Yikes!) Seeing that price, I turned to etsy to find a easier DIY version of them! I fell in love with the items in one shop in particular and decided to order from them. I was so curious as to what the extensions looked like and how they worked, and so far they've been pretty amazing. I was so nervous to shower with them in my hair, but they did wonderfully! (I know it says they're supposed to go through a shower just fine, but I was REALLY nervous!) 

Excuse my messy hair! It's so blustery outside!

The shop that I ordered them from is called Untethered Designs and the lady that runs them is a complete sweet heart. She's even offered up a special code to anyone that reads my blog. Use the code 'Dapper' at checkout and receive free shipping on your whole order. It's worth it for the free shipping. And her bundles of feathers come with 5-7 feathers for $24-$30! That's a much better deal than what you'll find in any salon. Click the banner to go check out her shop!

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