Tuesday, August 30, 2011

She Believed She Could... So She Did (School Update)

Today was my first day of school at a real university. I've been attending a local community college for the past two years, and I finally made the leap into the university. After what happened to me today, I can say that I only see good things ahead.

On my way to my geology lab class, I met some of the people that run the Geo Club. I ended up talking to a girl for a few minutes before heading into class. An hour later, she was still outside, and she invited me to go to the second floor to meet one of the professors. I awkwardly accepted, and headed upstairs not knowing what I was getting into. I turned the corner, and walked into one of the messiest, most wonderful rooms I have ever seen. There were papers about Wooly Mammoths in Nevada and fossils and rocks strewn about the floor and bookshelves. I cannot even begin to guess how many books were on the shelves too. He introduced himself, and said that he was the head of the Geoscience department. I talked to him about a million things for over half an hour. He invited me to go on digs with his graduate students and to help with a paleontological convention coming up in November. He said that he would help me with whatever I needed and gave me information about other graduate and undergraduate students at the university who I should contact. I walked out of that room more excited about what I want to do with my life in a long time.

I feel like this semester has already opened up so many opportunities for me and this was only the first day! I cannot wait to see what this semester brings me.

Has anyone else started school? How's your first few days going?

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