Friday, July 15, 2011

Stepping away

To get our minds off of everything that has been going on Jason and I have decided to take a trip to California. We're only spending two days there, but I'm hoping that it'll take my mind off of everything. We've both been so busy with work that we haven't had a whole lot of time for each other. Thankfully we'll both be able to take a few days off in two weeks to head out to see the coast. I'm sure it will be good for the both of us to feel like things are pulling themselves back together after this loss and after we've both been too busy for each other for what feels like forever.

After we get back from that, I'm supposed to fly out to Pennsylvania to see one of my best friends. She's about to have her first baby and I'm so excited to see her after seven long years that there are not words to describe it. I cannot wait to get back there and see everyone that I've been so far away from for so long. Hopefully everything goes as planned and life starts moving forward instead of being stuck in the slump 2011 has put me in.

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  1. Hi, Alexandra! Hope you had a great time in Cali! ;)

    Thanks for dropping by! Have a great week!