Friday, March 18, 2011

About Me...

I've never really been good at these things, but here's my best shot at it...

I'm Alexandra. I'm a twenty year old Biology major at a local community college that's hoping to transfer to a bigger university this fall. I want to be a paleontologist because I fell in love with dinosaurs at a very young age. I am a full time student and a part time crafter. I love making really whimsical bath products in my spare time. I'm always thinking up new ideas, so check out my shop a lot to see what new things come rolling out of my imagination. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I'm hoping to move out of here and get to greener pastures quickly. My wonderful boyfriend of two years, Jason, and I are working on moving in together but that can be difficult in this town.

I have two babies. My Samantha, a barn cat that I've had since I lived in Pennsylvania. She's the biggest sweetheart in the world, and probably the chubbiest too. I also have my Skitzophrenia [Yes, that's how I spell her name!] who is a pixie bob/savannah mix that is a tiny, adorable terror on her own.

I have severe wanderlust. I love traveling and taking the road less traveled when I do. I always seem to end up in the niftiest, but strangest little places when I just start driving. I love being a red head but I hate the freckles that come with it.

This blog is a place for me to track my life, my goals, my dreams, the things I love in the world, and every other little thing in between.

Feel free to introduce yourself to me at any time!

You can find me here:
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